Misadventure Zone

The Goblin Cave, Part 1

Sofa Quest

The party is amidst a discussion of the wonders of sofas, and Jamiroquai dreams of the luxury of cushioned seating. Reshenett blinks into the Ethereal Plane. You're not sure where he's gone, but he definitely isn't here.

The party arrives at small clearing against the hills. A cave sits ahead, with a stream flowing outward, and a path on the opposite side.  Across the stream, just south of the cave entrance is a thicket. Perissa crosses the shallow water, carrying Sliver the halfling. Midstream, she spots two goblins, who are hiding behind the thicket and playing cards. They spot her and draw their shortbows. Perissa exclaims that their party had to kill other "violent goblins." The goblins are ready to fire. Quickly, Forrest fires a ray of Frost and badly injures one of the goblins. The other fires a bow into Perissa, who retaliates with her mace, quickly turning her opponent into a mess of ground goblin-beef. The second goblin is trembling, and looks ready to bolt. Sliver throws a well placed-dart into his chest, and he topples backwards.

Perissa leads the party into the cave, carrying a torch to see in the dark. On the right, she sees a large cavern full of three, growling wolves. The wolves are chained up and begin to snarl when seeing the visitors. Forrest attempts to speak with animals, engaging the alpha wolf in conversation. While he tries to rationalize his visit, the pack leader demands food. Perissa, upset about the chain restraints, suggests helping the wolves. She gives the wolf a scrap of dried meat from her rations. Forrest brings in a goblin corpse to try and appease the wolf, then attempts to handle the wolf. Despite his extensive nature experience, the attempt is a failure, and the wolf takes a bite of his arm, deciding Druid meat tastes better. Forrest narrowly escapes, tail between his legs, and decides to verbally berate the wolf and ridicule his endowment. The wolves howl back and the leader licks his above-average bag of holding to intimidate Forrest.

The party abandons their animal rights side mission while the wolves chow down on the goblin corpse. Proceeding north through the cave, they spot a steep slope off-shooting the main path. It rises upward. Compromised of gravel and dirt, the terrain appears treacherous and prone to rockslides.

Perissa, torch ablaze, leads the party further down the stream side path. There is a bridge overpass 20 feet up. A goblin atop the overpass spots the party and shouts "Flood!" From ahead, there are loud hammering noises. He tosses a javelin at Perissa, horribly missing, as the weapon strikes the ceiling and clatters down into the stream. Perissa grabs the javelin and throws it back, skewering the goblin and toppling him over the bridge. The sound of rushing water grows from directly ahead. There is little time to act. Jamiroquai and Z blink into the ethereal plane, while Sliver ducks into the wolf cave and grabs a low-hanging stalactite. A surge of water rushes down the cave, sweeping up Perissa and Forrest. They wash ashore out front the cave, next to a goblin-kebab. As the water dies down, the party regroups.

The party returns to the cave and attempts to reach the high bridge to access the tunnels to either side. Perissa basket tosses the acrobatically skilled Sliver, but her throw isn't high enough to reach the bottom of the bridge. Sliver, knowing he won't be able to reach, braces for a fall. Perissa fails to catch him, and he has a rough landing, taking some damage. Halfling farmer shots are not going to cut it. Perissa ties a rope to the goblin javelin, and skewers the bridge. It looks like the bridge has taken some damage from the javelin, but the rope is secure enough for Sliver to ascend. Sliver reties a stronger knot to the bridge, and the rest of the party ascends. Perissa fashions a harness to raise ZQuil. 

The party decides to proceed eastward, and arrives at a chamber that was the source of the flood. There are two dams, one is open and the pool is drained. The other is full. A waterfall flows into the second pool and a small amount of water spills over the top. The room is occupied by three goblins. Upon seeing the intruders, one goblin runs back into another cavern to the south. The party fights the goblins, though it's difficult to attack from the narrow tunnel. Sliver takes some serious damage from a goblin's scimitar. Perissa turns another goblin into ground beef, and again, the second goblin is skewered. The party explores the chamber, noting that a path turns downward along the stream, connecting back to the original path. Now they know how to reach the chamber without scaling a 20 foot wall.

As a safeguard, the party decides to empty the second pool to prevent further flooding attacks.  The party argues about how to divide whatever great treasures may lie at the bottom of the pool. Sliver crawls across the rocks and hammers a peg loose, opening the floodgate. As the water drains, the party sees a giant, pink, lumpy form. It's a sofa! Waterlogged and smelling of fish and algae, it's clearly been here awhile, but Jamiroquai is delighted at seeing such a wonder. Forrest attempts to remove it, but the water makes the cushions quite heavy. He is fended off by an angry crawfish.

Considering their injuries, the party decides to leave the cave and return to the wagon for the night. They will resume their quest in the morning after a chance to heal.


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