Misadventure Zone

Episode 1:

Goblin Ambush on the Road to Maywood

or fill in the details:

The basics are the party was hired by a dude named Sildar Hallwinter to escort a cart of supplies to the neighboring town of Maywood. Sildar headed off a bit earlier (around dawn) to arrange some business. Everyone in the party was very suspicious, and demanded 10% payment out front. And instead of getting some sleep, you spied on Sildar. Jamiroquai slept in the barn with the dogs because that's where she finds the most comfort.

Along the journey, the druid Forrest Green ranted about government conspiracies. Suddenly, you come to a stop. In the road ahead are two dead horses with arrows protruding from their bodies. The party is attacked by goblins shooting flaming arrows. At first the opponents can't be seen, but eventually the goblins appear in the thick brush.

Someone turned  goblin into a popsicle. The others were defeated with fire. Unfortunately, Jamiroquai Dayquill's Wild Magic made her very unstable and she takes off into the woods in a very chaotic fashion. She's a danger to everyone around her in this state.


The goblins were defeated. On the body of the dead horse, you found an empty box, perhaps for storing a map or a scroll.


You followed a path through the woods to find the source of the goblins. Somebody fell into a trap and gets out. You detected a snare trap and avoided it. You arrive at a beautiful clearing against some mountains. There is a cave with a stream flowing out, back into the thick woods.

You arrive at the clearing and admire its beauty.

Aaron's character Reshenett Kibarer blinks into the Ethereal Plane. You're not quite sure what happened, but he isn't there anymore. (For now this magic blink is how I'm going to explain intermittent absences for Aaron). 


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