Misadventure Zone

Two Scenic Days in Phandalin
Redbrand Encounter

You arrive in the town of Phandalin with Sildar Halwinter, after journeying south from the Goblin cave. Small farmhouses encircle the town. A winding road meanders up through the town and beyond, up the hill, ending at an abandoned manor.


Sildar recommends securing lodging at the Stonehill Inn. But first, you visit Barthen’s provisions to deliver the cart of goods and collect your payment. (An order for a sofa / love-seat set has been placed with a local woodworker). You also pass by the LionshieldCoster, recognizing the lion rampant logo that you saw imprinted on the goods found in the Goblin cave. It turns out the owner is offering a reward of 50 gp if you’d like to retrieve those goods.


In the mid-afternoon, you head back to the inn and purchase lodging. Rook splurges on the VIP suite with the heart-shaped tub. Jamiroquai and Z prefer to sleep in the horse barn. Everyone gathers in the downstairs tavern to enjoy a beverage and get to know the locals. 

You hear rumors of a local gang — the Redbrands — who apparently cause a lot of fear in the town. The innkeeper’s wife Trilena tells you about a recent murder. Thel Dendrar, a local woodcarver, stood up to the Redbrands ten days ago when they came by the shop and harassed his wife. The ruffians murdered him in cold blood. His wife and two children have gone missing too.  Freda, a weaver tells you that the Redbrands hassle most every small business for tributes, except one: the Phandalin Miner's Exchange. Apparently they don't want trouble with Halia Thornton, who runs it.

The Redbrands hang out at a dive bar on the other side of town called The Sleeping Giant. You decide to leave Sildar behind at the inn, and head towards the bar after sundown. Perissa, Jamiroquai, and Z hide under a tree across the street. You see three figures sitting on the front porch, smoking. They wear red cloaks and look gristly. As Forrest approaches, one starts taunting the dwarf. He continues to hurl insults as Forrest steps onto the porch, then swings a fist at his face. Miraculously, he misses, but the Redbrands are ready to brawl. Rook manages to pin one’s cloak to the wall with an arrow. Perissa hopes to capture one of the gang members and force him to drink from the nearby horse trough, but soon, the Redbrand group is killed. A fourth Redbrand bursts out of the bar door and sprints up the road towards the abandoned manor. You are unable to keep up with the fast-paced coward, but Z can track the smell. It’s very late and the bartender wants to close down after the violence. You decide to retire for the night and go investigate the Redbrands tomorrow.


Worried about retaliation, you decide to all share the VIP suite instead of your individual rooms. To keep Jamiroquai comfortable, you lift a hay bale into the room on a rope through the window.  There’s a big mess of hay on the floor and you feel a little guilty about trashing the hotel. Anyway, you might not be staying here for too much longer. Though you’re careful to trade watches, the night passes without any trouble. 

In the morning, Trilena serves you breakfast. Her son Pip tells you a rumor: "Qelline Alderleaf's son Carp said he found a secret tunnel in the woods, but Redbrands almost caught him." Sildar shares information he learned — Iarno Albrek, a fellow member of The Lord's Alliance, disappeared here months ago while exploring near Tresander Manor. Sildar would like to locate him, but is glad to have some leads. You head on your way.

You visit the Townmaster's office to ask about the Redbrands. The townmaster, a pompous old man named Harbin tries to reassure you that the Redbrands are nothing more than a harmless mercenary guild, and insists they are nonviolent. When you mention the conflict from the previous night, the mayor accuses you of bringing trouble to his town. He also offers you 100 gp to fight a troublesome band of orcs near a place called Wyvern Tor. You consider the offer but do not pursue it yet.


You head to Alderleaf’s farm, which is near the dive bar and the abandoned manor. Qelline Alderleaf invites you in for magic brownies (or regular brownies for Perissa), while her son Carp tells you that he recently found tunnel in the woods, just beneath Tresandar Manor, where he saw some "big ugly bandits" trading slaves. Carp’s directions aren’t very good, and you’re unable to find the tunnel, but this is the second clue that the Redbrands are using the manor as their criminal headquarters.


You head towards the manor and find it mostly in ruins. Part of the roof has collapsed in the front hall, but there are foot tracks in the kitchen towards the back of the building. You follow the tracks through a door to a cellar staircase. You head down into the basement and find a torchlit room full of supplies. There’s a cistern of clean water in the center, and barrels of foodstuff on either side of the room. Forrest searches the cistern and notices a rope decanting into the pool. He pulls it up and retrieves a watertight bag full of treasure. Rook investigates the barrels, and discovers apples, dried meat, and crackers. Unfortunately, the noise from his search alerts three Redbrands in an adjacent room, who run out to attack your party. You manage to fight them off, then toss them into the cistern. After more investigation, you also discover a secret door.


You push back the door and walk 50 feet down a narrow, dark hallway. It opens into a large chamber with a dirt floor. A ravine runs through the middle, ending in a tunnel. A cool breeze emerges from the tunnel. Ahead in the ravine, you see a partially eaten corpse. Two bridges cross the ravine. 


Before you see him, you hear him. But not with your ears — instead, inside your mind — a whispery, shaking voice. It’s a Nothic named Norman, and he’s hungry. Rook offers him some dried meat from the cellar stores, but Norman requests human flesh, citing his new low sodium diet. You retrieve two of the soggy Redbrands from the cistern and throw them to Norman. 


He seems capable of learning weird secrets about you via reading your mind, and enjoys taunting you with them. He mocks Forrest for his Bugbear affair. He reminds Perissa of her least favorite childhood nickname, and taunts Rook for committing theft as a young man. You also learn that the dead corpse is from the recent murder victim Thel Dendrar. Norman tells you that he works for a wizard named Glassstaff as cave security, but he could be convinced to look the other way for more snacks. 

Perissa feels morally obliged to smite the evil creature, and so you begin a battle against a creature that's capable of both weird insight and necrotic damage. Eventually you defeat him.



The Goblin Cave, Part 1
Sofa Quest

The party is amidst a discussion of the wonders of sofas, and Jamiroquai dreams of the luxury of cushioned seating. Reshenett blinks into the Ethereal Plane. You're not sure where he's gone, but he definitely isn't here.

The party arrives at small clearing against the hills. A cave sits ahead, with a stream flowing outward, and a path on the opposite side.  Across the stream, just south of the cave entrance is a thicket. Perissa crosses the shallow water, carrying Sliver the halfling. Midstream, she spots two goblins, who are hiding behind the thicket and playing cards. They spot her and draw their shortbows. Perissa exclaims that their party had to kill other "violent goblins." The goblins are ready to fire. Quickly, Forrest fires a ray of Frost and badly injures one of the goblins. The other fires a bow into Perissa, who retaliates with her mace, quickly turning her opponent into a mess of ground goblin-beef. The second goblin is trembling, and looks ready to bolt. Sliver throws a well placed-dart into his chest, and he topples backwards.

Perissa leads the party into the cave, carrying a torch to see in the dark. On the right, she sees a large cavern full of three, growling wolves. The wolves are chained up and begin to snarl when seeing the visitors. Forrest attempts to speak with animals, engaging the alpha wolf in conversation. While he tries to rationalize his visit, the pack leader demands food. Perissa, upset about the chain restraints, suggests helping the wolves. She gives the wolf a scrap of dried meat from her rations. Forrest brings in a goblin corpse to try and appease the wolf, then attempts to handle the wolf. Despite his extensive nature experience, the attempt is a failure, and the wolf takes a bite of his arm, deciding Druid meat tastes better. Forrest narrowly escapes, tail between his legs, and decides to verbally berate the wolf and ridicule his endowment. The wolves howl back and the leader licks his above-average bag of holding to intimidate Forrest.

The party abandons their animal rights side mission while the wolves chow down on the goblin corpse. Proceeding north through the cave, they spot a steep slope off-shooting the main path. It rises upward. Compromised of gravel and dirt, the terrain appears treacherous and prone to rockslides.

Perissa, torch ablaze, leads the party further down the stream side path. There is a bridge overpass 20 feet up. A goblin atop the overpass spots the party and shouts "Flood!" From ahead, there are loud hammering noises. He tosses a javelin at Perissa, horribly missing, as the weapon strikes the ceiling and clatters down into the stream. Perissa grabs the javelin and throws it back, skewering the goblin and toppling him over the bridge. The sound of rushing water grows from directly ahead. There is little time to act. Jamiroquai and Z blink into the ethereal plane, while Sliver ducks into the wolf cave and grabs a low-hanging stalactite. A surge of water rushes down the cave, sweeping up Perissa and Forrest. They wash ashore out front the cave, next to a goblin-kebab. As the water dies down, the party regroups.

The party returns to the cave and attempts to reach the high bridge to access the tunnels to either side. Perissa basket tosses the acrobatically skilled Sliver, but her throw isn't high enough to reach the bottom of the bridge. Sliver, knowing he won't be able to reach, braces for a fall. Perissa fails to catch him, and he has a rough landing, taking some damage. Halfling farmer shots are not going to cut it. Perissa ties a rope to the goblin javelin, and skewers the bridge. It looks like the bridge has taken some damage from the javelin, but the rope is secure enough for Sliver to ascend. Sliver reties a stronger knot to the bridge, and the rest of the party ascends. Perissa fashions a harness to raise ZQuil. 

The party decides to proceed eastward, and arrives at a chamber that was the source of the flood. There are two dams, one is open and the pool is drained. The other is full. A waterfall flows into the second pool and a small amount of water spills over the top. The room is occupied by three goblins. Upon seeing the intruders, one goblin runs back into another cavern to the south. The party fights the goblins, though it's difficult to attack from the narrow tunnel. Sliver takes some serious damage from a goblin's scimitar. Perissa turns another goblin into ground beef, and again, the second goblin is skewered. The party explores the chamber, noting that a path turns downward along the stream, connecting back to the original path. Now they know how to reach the chamber without scaling a 20 foot wall.

As a safeguard, the party decides to empty the second pool to prevent further flooding attacks.  The party argues about how to divide whatever great treasures may lie at the bottom of the pool. Sliver crawls across the rocks and hammers a peg loose, opening the floodgate. As the water drains, the party sees a giant, pink, lumpy form. It's a sofa! Waterlogged and smelling of fish and algae, it's clearly been here awhile, but Jamiroquai is delighted at seeing such a wonder. Forrest attempts to remove it, but the water makes the cushions quite heavy. He is fended off by an angry crawfish.

Considering their injuries, the party decides to leave the cave and return to the wagon for the night. They will resume their quest in the morning after a chance to heal.

Episode 1:
Goblin Ambush on the Road to Maywood

or fill in the details:

The basics are the party was hired by a dude named Sildar Hallwinter to escort a cart of supplies to the neighboring town of Maywood. Sildar headed off a bit earlier (around dawn) to arrange some business. Everyone in the party was very suspicious, and demanded 10% payment out front. And instead of getting some sleep, you spied on Sildar. Jamiroquai slept in the barn with the dogs because that's where she finds the most comfort.

Along the journey, the druid Forrest Green ranted about government conspiracies. Suddenly, you come to a stop. In the road ahead are two dead horses with arrows protruding from their bodies. The party is attacked by goblins shooting flaming arrows. At first the opponents can't be seen, but eventually the goblins appear in the thick brush.

Someone turned  goblin into a popsicle. The others were defeated with fire. Unfortunately, Jamiroquai Dayquill's Wild Magic made her very unstable and she takes off into the woods in a very chaotic fashion. She's a danger to everyone around her in this state.


The goblins were defeated. On the body of the dead horse, you found an empty box, perhaps for storing a map or a scroll.


You followed a path through the woods to find the source of the goblins. Somebody fell into a trap and gets out. You detected a snare trap and avoided it. You arrive at a beautiful clearing against some mountains. There is a cave with a stream flowing out, back into the thick woods.

You arrive at the clearing and admire its beauty.

Aaron's character Reshenett Kibarer blinks into the Ethereal Plane. You're not quite sure what happened, but he isn't there anymore. (For now this magic blink is how I'm going to explain intermittent absences for Aaron). 

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